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posted Sep 27, 2016, 10:48 AM by Committe Chair

Our Mission: Help Fund Your Adventures

Did you know that you can pay for all your yearly Scouting activities by using the programs in this guide? It’s true! Selling $600 - $750 worth of products can help Scouts pay for most unit annual programs and summer camp.

 Tips to Put More Zip in Your Sales

Show & Sell ∙ Your unit gets permission to sell in front of a retail store ∙ Set up a display with your products ∙ Politely engage customers as they walk by ∙ Recommend your favorites ∙ Exchange products for payment and be sure to say Thank You

Take Order ∙ Using your paper order form, walk door-to-door to your neighbors’ homes ∙ Review products with your customers ∙ Recommend your favorites ∙ Take their order on your form ∙ Collect the money when you deliver the product and thank customers for their purchase

Show & Deliver ∙ Carry Trail’s End products with you door-to-door ∙ Allow the customer to review your products ∙ Take their order using your paper order form ∙ Exchange products for payment and say Thank You

Selling At Work ∙ Have your parent/guardian take an order form to work ∙ Co-workers write their order on the order form ∙ Scouts make Thank You cards ∙ Parent/guardian delivers product and collects money at work

Corporate Sale ∙ Visit local businesses during business hours ∙ Ask them to make a purchase to support you in Scouting ∙ Leave an order form with them upon request


Tell Your Story with Online Selling

Growing your sales is easier than ever before with your all-new, Scout-personalized, online selling page. • Earn 2x more per sale on average with online selling compared to door-to-door

• Sell to friends, current or previous neighbors, and family that want an option to support you


Online Selling Tips:

• Create your personalized selling page when you register an account

• Upload your Scouting pictures and take a few minutes to write a brief bio about yourself, why you love Scouting, and how the donation can help fund more adventures for you in Scouting. Tell your story!

• Set your personal selling goal and watch the goal tracker move up as sales come in

• Spread the word with emails, easily post to social media (Facebook and Twitter), and even text message


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